The Ripple Shade (also known as a wave or ripple curtain) is a contemporary window treatment that brings a delicate soft flow to your window covering. Draped with a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, Ripple Shade offers both the luxury of a curtain with the simplistic structure and function of a blind. Available with a choice of heavy duty top curtain tracks that offer durable smooth operation.

The Blind Designs Ripple Shades is a flexible, heavy duty window covering that is suitable for use in residential and commercial environments.

The Blind Designs Ripple Shades features heavy duty track systems with runners equally spaced to allow for a symmetrical appearance of the fabric across the full width of the Ripple Shades.

The fabric attaches to the track using a brass press stud that locates on the pendant of the track. Ripple Shade to use a Master leading carrier to give maximum stability and durability as the leading runner. Fabrics to be 100% Polyester and to come in Sheer and Dim Out Options.


The Ripple Shade has a number of aluminum tracks that provide for different aesthetics and functionality. All Ripple Shade Tracks are designed for Heavy Duty applications and are able to handle heavier fabrics and wider widths. Tracks are available for Top or Reveal Fixing or for single/double wall or Face Fixing. The Runners come in a variety of fullness factors ranging from 40% to 100% fullness to allow for flexibility in the look and the stack size.

Size Constraints:

  • Max Width: 5700mm without Join
  • Max Drop: 3400mm

Max Width: 5700mm
Max Drop: 3600mm
Privacy: Sheers: Day Privacy diffused views. No night privacy / Sheers lined with Dim Out / Lining: Full Privacy
Light Control: Adjustable | Diffused light / Dim Out option available.
Operation: Hand Drawn track | Cord Drawn track | 220V motor | Battery Motor
Cleaning: Dependant on fabric, refer to specific fabric cleaning instructions.
Suitable for: Suitable for long windows and doors. Durable and non fussy, it is a hard working and flexible window treatment. Combines well with a roller blind. A fantastic alternative to a traditional curtain.
Avoid: Very narrow or short windows. Windows where you cannot afford to lose space for it to stack on the side.

Accessories Available