Wood Venetian Blinds

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The Wood Venetian Blind is a premium blind solution that is versatile and perfect for creating a modern, uncluttered look in your home. Whether you choose to tilt the slat and control your light or lift it completely to appreciate your view, the blind is bound to complement your décor.


  • The Natural Luxury Of Wood
  • Control Light & Privacy
  • Modern Colour Range
  • A Timeless Classic
  • Optional Ladder Tapes
  • Wood Alloy PVC Slats Available

Optional Extras


Max Width: 2440mm
Max Length: 3400mm (slight loss of privacy on blinds longer than 2600mm)
Privacy: Adjustable by tilting the slat. Allows for views and full privacy.
Light Control: Adjustable by tilting the slat / Diffused light
Operation: Tilt and lift Cord / 220V Motor tilt and lift / Battery Motor tilt with lift cord
Cleaning: Can be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth
Suitable for: Windows where a mixture of privacy, sun control and views are required. The timber slat adds a natural warmth to an environment.
Avoid: Windows where the blind is lifted more than it is tilted. Blinds have a large stack and can be cumbersome above doors.



Available in:

Antique Wood

If you would like to create a naturally elegant scheme, look no further than our Antique Venetian Blinds. Perfectly versatile, they are available in a gorgeous selection of rich wood tones, chic distressed shades and painted finishes that will blend effortlessly into contemporary or traditional homes. The overall effect is relaxed, calm and welcoming. Our Antique Wood blinds are locally manufactured and there are 27 foiled patterns to choose from. The perfect solution to every room, these blinds are completely water proof and particularly suited to bathrooms and kitchens.

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African Mahogany


Japanese Teak





Tuscan Grey

Black Forest

English Fir


Windsor Oak





Bamboo Blinds offer a neat and uniform experience ideal for any home that is both functional and adds a beautiful rustic finish to any room. Made from natural materials, Bamboo blinds are lightweight and extremely flexible yet tough enough to withstand direct sunlight. Bamboo Venetian blinds combine the natural beauty of bamboo with timeless elegance.

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American Walnut



Oxford Cherry


Basswood blinds add the perfect touch of texture, warmth and character to any home. Whether your heart desires light, natural tones like Silky Ivory and Washed Oak or dramatic, warm tones such as Dark Mahogany or Java, choose a colour that paints your dreams.

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American Walnut



Oxford Cherry